Preschool Classes

Class Name: Mommy and Me

Description: Play/coordination, ballet & tumbling basics

Ages: 12 months to 2 years

Day/Time: M 6:30-7pm and F 9:30-10am

Class Name: Creative Movement

Description: Includes ballet & tumbling basics

Ages: 3 & 4

Day/Time: M 7-7:55pm, T 5-5:55pm, R 6-6:55pm, F 10-10:55am

Class Name: Mini Tumble/Acrobatics

Description: Includes tumbling basics & coordination skills

Ages: 3-5 years

Day/Time: T 6-6:30pm, W 5-5:30pm R 4:30-5pm, F 11-11:30

Class Name: Combination

Description: Tap, Ballet & Acrobatics

Ages: Pre-K and Kindergarten

Day/Time: M 6:30-7:25pm T 6:30-7:25pm R 4-4:55pm
R 4:30-5:25pm R 5-5:55pm

Class Name: Kinder Tumble/Acrobatics

Description: This class is an extension of the K-2 dance class and requires PreK/K combo class

Ages: Pre-K and Kindergarten

Day/Time: M 7:30-8pm T 7:30-8pm

Class Name: Boys Tumble/Acrobatics

Description: Includes tumbling basics as well as coordination skills using gymnastic equipment

Ages: 4 and up

Day/Time: T 4:30-5pm 

Class Name: Beginner Technique

Description: Improving overall dance technique & ability

Ages: K-2nd grade

Day/Time: T 4:30-5pm

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